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At Packhorse, we have developed a highly refined production process for both our stock and our tailor-made flight cases. This means that we can adapt our method to suit any flight case requirement or specification with just the same high-quality production techniques. Find out more about the way we produce our first-class flight case products and storage systems so you will better understand why our production processes are so trusted throughout the UK.

Bespoke Flight Cases Get in Touch


When it comes to designing a bespoke flight case, our processes are second to none. We can work with your drawings or design a case that will meet the measurements of the item(s) you want to transport in it.


We will cut the panels and the supporting structures of your flight case to the required dimensions. Furthermore, our precision foam cutting methods mean that anything from sensitive field equipment to musical instruments will be fully protected.


When it comes to assembling the various components and materials of your flight case, we take just the same care and offer exceptional attention to detail. The building stage of the process also includes fitting casters, shock absorbers, handles and rails.


The fully constructed flight case we have produced for you is now ready for use but you can opt for a range of different finishes and customisations as you see fit. Whether you would like a particular colour or for your branding to be shown, we can help.


Once completed to your satisfaction, we will send you your finished flight case(s) to any location in the UK. Designed for international transit, we think you’ll be completely satisfied with the condition they arrive in.

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Get in contact with us today by calling or emailing us and  one of our team members will be able to help out whatever the question! Contact us today!

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Get in contact with us by calling us on 01733 897447 or emailing us sales@packhorse.co.uk. You can also use the contact form and a member of our team willl get back to you.

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