At Packhorse we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom flight cases tailored to the needs of the music industry. From early 2014 to 2024, we had the privilege of working with one of the world’s most renowned bands, Coldplay. This case study highlights our journey in creating specialised flight cases to protect and transport their valuable musical equipment during global tours.

Coldplay’s equipment demands the highest level of protection due to the extensive nature of their tours and the delicate, often custom-built instruments they use. Over the years years, Packhorse Ltd delivered a range of flight cases, including a piano case, drum vault, custom keyboard case, electric drum case, monitor speaker cases, among others.

Our team designed a robust yet practical piano case using high-density foam padding, reinforced aluminium edges, and heavy-duty casters. The case included features such as quick-release latches and custom handles to facilitate easy manoeuvring and handling by the crew.

The piano case not only provided exceptional protection but also streamlined the band’s concert logistics. The success of this initial project set the stage for a continued partnership.

Drums, being bulky and susceptible to damage, required a vault that ensured both safety and convenience. So in 2022 we engineered a drum vault with shock-absorbing materials, reinforced corners, and a modular design to accommodate different drum sizes. The vault included customizable dividers and padded interiors to prevent movement and damage during transit.

We also developed an electric drum case with layered foam inserts, adjustable compartments, and a rigid outer shell. The design prioritised ease of access while ensuring maximum protection against impacts and vibrations.

One of our most recent projects was a customer keyboard case. Coldplay’s keyboards, each with unique dimensions and requirements, needed a case that offered tailored protection. Our custom keyboard case featured a lightweight yet sturdy build with foam inserts tailored to the exact measurements of the keyboards. We included ergonomic handles and wheels for easy transport.

Working with Coldplay allowed Packhorse Ltd to showcase our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Each project pushed us to refine our designs and materials, ensuring that our flight cases provided the ultimate protection and convenience. Our collaboration with Coldplay has been a remarkable journey, and we look forward to continuing to set the standard for excellence in custom flight case manufacturing.

For more information on how Packhorse Ltd can meet your custom flight case needs, please contact us directly. We are here to ensure your equipment travels safely, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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