Ed Sheeran, a globally recognised artist, places great importance on the safety and protection of his musical equipment while on tour. Packhorse cases have been instrumental in ensuring that his delicate and expensive audio gear remains secure and fully functional throughout the challenging and ever-changing environment of Ed’s live shows.

Primarily, our flight cases are meticulously designed and constructed to endure the demands of travel. Touring musicians constantly move between venues, exposing their equipment to various environmental conditions, vibrations, and potential mishandling during loading and unloading. Packhorse cases, made with top-quality, durable materials like plywood, aluminium edges, and corners, offer a sturdy defence against these external elements.

Moreover, our flight cases feature custom foam interiors tailored to cradle specific equipment pieces. This customized interior guarantees a perfect fit for items like guitars, amplifiers, mixing consoles, and other sensitive audio gear. The foam padding serves as a shock absorber, reducing the impact of bumps and vibrations that may occur during transport. This is especially critical for fragile instruments and electronic devices that could easily sustain damage without proper protection.

Packhorse Limited has significantly contributed to Ed Sheeran’s tours by supplying high-quality cases tailored to his equipment’s specifications. The partnership between Packhorse and Ed Sheeran often involves detailed planning and communication to create cases that meet the tour’s unique requirements. This may involve considerations for equipment size and weight, as well as any specific features needed for convenient setup and accessibility during performances.

In summary, our flight cases have been an essential component of every musician’s tour we have collaborated with, and their role in safeguarding Ed Sheeran’s equipment on his latest tour is no exception. The partnership with Packhorse Limited has been crucial in ensuring the success and safety of Ed Sheeran’s musical equipment during his performances.

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