At Packhorse, our dedication to crafting premium cases tailored to musicians’ needs is paramount. In both 2019 and 2023, we had the honour of collaborating with the esteemed musician George Ezra, providing a diverse array of cases to ensure the utmost protection for his instruments and equipment. From guitar vaults to saxophone cases and playback racks, our partnership with George Ezra exemplifies our commitment to delivering superior protection for artists on tour.

George Ezra’s demanding touring schedule posed numerous challenges regarding equipment safety. With performances in venues worldwide, his instruments and gear faced constant handling and exposure to various environmental conditions. Additionally, the diverse range of instruments, including guitars and saxophones, alongside playback equipment, required us to develop tailored solutions that combined robust protection with ease of transport and setup.

Working closely with George Ezra and his team, we leveraged our expertise in case design and manufacturing to develop customised solutions for each instrument and piece of equipment. Our innovative approach focused on incorporating durable materials and intelligent design features to ensure optimal protection. From reinforced guitar vaults with plush interiors to lightweight saxophone cases with shock-absorbing foam padding, each case was meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of touring while safeguarding George Ezra’s gear.

Our cases were precisely engineered to accommodate George Ezra’s instruments and equipment, providing a snug and secure fit to minimise movement during transit.

The collaboration between Packhorse and George Ezra resulted in the successful protection of his instruments and equipment throughout his tours. By entrusting his gear to our custom cases, George Ezra could focus on delivering stellar performances with confidence, knowing that his equipment was safeguarded against any unforeseen mishaps. Our solutions not only provided practical benefits but also enhanced the overall professionalism and image of George Ezra’s tour.

Our collaboration with George Ezra underscores Packhorse’s commitment to excellence in providing tailored solutions for musicians’ equipment protection needs. As performers continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide, Packhorse remains dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality cases that safeguard their instruments and equipment, empowering artists like George Ezra to focus on what they do best – creating unforgettable music experiences.

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