At Packhorse, our passion lies in crafting bespoke flight cases that meet the unique needs of artists on the move. In 2023, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the esteemed musician Sam Smith, designing and manufacturing a diverse range of flight cases to enhance their touring experience. From entertainment units with TVs to record player cases and pedal enclosures, our partnership with Sam Smith exemplifies our commitment to providing top-tier solutions for artists’ equipment transport and protection.

Sam Smith’s dynamic tour demanded innovative solutions to transport and protect their equipment effectively. With performances spanning various venues and environments, including concert halls, outdoor arenas, and television studios, their gear faced constant handling and exposure to diverse conditions. Additionally, the need to transport specialised equipment such as record players and pedals required us to develop custom flight cases that offered both durability and functionality.

Collaborating closely with Sam Smith and their team, we drew upon our expertise in flight case design and manufacturing to create tailored solutions for their equipment. Our innovative approach focused on incorporating premium materials and intelligent design features to ensure maximum protection and convenience. From entertainment units with built-in TVs for backstage relaxation to record player flight cases with foam padding for secure transport, each case was meticulously crafted to meet Sam Smith’s specific requirements.

Utilising high-quality materials such as reinforced aluminium and shock-absorbing foam padding, our cases offered unparalleled protection against impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors.

Each case was designed with practicality in mind, our flight cases featured thoughtful details such as integrated TV mounts and cable management systems with customisable layouts to optimise usability on tour.

Our partnership with Sam Smith highlights Packhorse’s dedication to providing tailored solutions for artists’ equipment transport and protection needs. As performers continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide, Packhorse remains committed to delivering innovative, high-quality flight cases that safeguard their gear and enhance their touring experience. With a focus on craftsmanship, functionality, and brand representation, Packhorse is proud to support artists like Sam Smith on their journey to musical excellence.

For more information on how Packhorse Ltd can meet your custom flight case needs, please contact us directly. We are here to ensure your equipment travels safely, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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