Packhorse Ltd, renowned for its expertise in crafting bespoke cases, collaborated with Strongroom Bar, a popular establishment known for its commitment to quality and security. This case study delves into how Packhorse Ltd successfully designed and manufactured a range of cases to be used as sofas that aligned with Strongroom Bar’s brand identity and needs.

Strongroom Bar, situated in the heart of a bustling urban centre, is an award-winning venue specialising in new music, craft beer and organic food. With a discerning clientele, Strongroom Bar sought to enhance its image with custom-made cases that reflected its sophistication.

Packhorse Ltd initiated the collaboration with an in-depth consultation session with Strongroom Bar’s management team. Understanding their vision, security concerns, and brand identity was paramount.

The sofa cases seamlessly integrated with Strongroom Bar’s upscale ambiance, elevating its brand image and reinforcing its reputation for sophistication and quality.

The collaboration between Packhorse Ltd and Strongroom Bar exemplifies the successful synergy between craftsmanship, security, and brand enhancement. By understanding the client’s needs and delivering tailored solutions, Packhorse Ltd not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a new standard for elegance and security in the hospitality industry.

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